Wooden Doors vs. Fiberglass Doors

One of the most perceptible upgrades that you can give your home is the door. There are many varieties of doors in the market. Wood is the most popular, durable and all-time moving product compared to other materials. It was earlier recognised as the only material for making doors, but now fiberglass has taken away the trend and people are trying to replace wood by using fiberglass. Though fiberglass has become familiar, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Here we shall discuss the pros and cons of wood and fiberglass doors for you to determine what fits your needs best.


Wooden Doors


• Durable: Solid wooden doors can last for years. It is difficult to dent and scratches can be easily repaired.
• Appearance: Wooden doors can give you high-end look. The beautiful wood grain and colour can bring in liveliness and a warm touch to your home at the entrance. It can be carved beautifully. The artistic look can add up to the deco of your home.
• Natural Resource: Wood is a renewable and natural resource as trees and forests can be planted and regrown.
• Installation: Wood is very simple when it comes to the installation process. With proper tools, you can easily cut and even plane it on your own
• Cost: The cost can be reasonable if modern wooden doors are constructed with layers of wood veneer over a solid wood core. This concept of construction can lessen the overall cost and also help prevent warps. Though they are expensive, they are strong, long lasting and secure.


• Sensitive: Wood is sensitive to sunlight and moisture. Especially moisture is very harmful and will lead to warp and crack. It tends to decay if it is not carefully maintained and also they are susceptible to termites.

Fiberglass Doors


• Affordable: Fiberglass doors are less expensive compared to wooden doors.
• Maintenance: Fiberglass doors are easy to maintain. It will not crack, bubble out or twist. It is simple to maintain. Besides this, it is resistant to dents and scratches.
• Appearance: Though fiberglass can be painted, refinished and even sanded, it will not give you the look of wooden doors. Also, when it comes to appearance, homeowners prefer wood as it looks more natural and moreover it comes in variety of artistic designs.
• Installation: Fiberglass is very difficult to work with and only a professional can install it.
• Easier to Damage: Fiberglass doors are more likely to get damaged. It can dent or scratch and it is difficult to fix the scratches.
Wood, being the most secure and durable material, can be the right choice!