Internal Sliding Doors vs External Doors

When you’re getting an office or your residential premises furnished, there are two options when you are considering doors. You can have passageways from one room to another and an entry/exit door connecting the premises to the outside world. Well, for some of the folks doors are just door – doesn’t matter internal or external. But, when you consider both the options, there are several differences. Internal sliding doors can save a lot of space, which gets wasted in case of external doors as the “opening space”.

Let us consider a simple example – if you’ve an internal sliding door at the entrance of your office, you don’t have to leave a 2-3feet margin to organize the other things like welcome chairs, desk, reception dais etc. However, if you make use of external doors, there’s no choice but to leave that much gap, and far worse, there are good chances of accidentally banging somebody while you open an external door, especially if it is opaque!

More so, an internal sliding door can be made of thin glass sheets of 4-5mm thickness, while an external door requires sturdy material and solid construction that can resist the exposure to the other side of the door, and hence you may have to use 10-12mm thick glass sheets. As a result, the pricing goes up, and the external doors have to be built keeping the sealing, insulation, and several other issues in mind.

Now, internal sliding doors can not only turn out to be cost effective, but also be made with lovely design touches that can reflect your style. More importantly, with the help of an internal sliding door, you can isolate a small space from the rest of the room without wasting even an inch!

Internal sliding doors give you high level of flexibility and versatility, especially in terms of coloring. For instance if you’ve got a couple of sliding doors between your children’s rooms; the first child’s room has reddish color them, while the other one has an elegant whitish tinge, then you can simply paint one side, and leave the other one “as is” – plain wood always looks great!

Therefore, the internal sliding doors always score over the conventional external doors in all areas except security. Even if you want to use an internal sliding door for your office entrance, you’ll have to make alternate arrangements like a shutter to improve the security levels, because it is fairly easy to break down an internal sliding door.